Why This Place — Book

Photography, Photo Essays, Book Design, and Self Publishing

CLIENT: Catherine Lange

PROJECT: In 2016, Lange self-published “Why This Place? The Chequamegon Bay & Beyond—Through the Eyes and Hearts of People Who Live Here.” In this 80-page, full-color book of photographs and photo essays, Lange explores the natural beauty and strong community in the Chequamegon Bay area in northwestern Wisconsin. Lange interviewed 16 people about why they live and work in this area and created a photographic environmental portrait of each person in his or her favorite place in nature. She also created a landscape photo, forming her own bond to each location. Her photo essays incorporate additional photographs that show aspects of each person’s home and work life as well as stories that each person shared.

Lange engaged three local writers to contribute to the book as well: Foreword by Howard Paap (author of Red Cliff, Wisconsin: A History of an Ojibwe Community—Vol. 1, The Earliest Years: The Origin to 1854). Introduction by Alan Brew (Professor of English at Northland College). Afterword by Julie Buckles (author of Paddling to Winter).

The book is available for purchase at authenticsuperior.com.

View a sampling of pages below.